The health and wellbeing of our guests is our upmost priority and we are taking extra precautions to ensure our accommodation is safe and clean for your stay.  We are a small site of 3 self-contained lodges, with limited number of guests …this means that with extra precautions and cleaning practices we can still provide you with a holiday with great site facilities in these unprecedented times.  We ask that you follow social distancing when on site to ensure everyone’s safety.  Please see below for a more detailed outline of the extra precautions we are taking and alterations made to the site which you will need to be aware of. 


If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Practices

  • We will

    • Wash and sanitise our hands frequently to limit the transfer of COVID19. 

    • Use PPE disposable gloves, aprons and face masks when cleaning; PPE will be changed regularly in accordance with Government Guidelines.

    • Have an enhanced cleaning program in please to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to others.

    • Maintain social distancing as far as possible

    • Stay updated with the latest guidance to ensure we keep both our customers and of our staff safe

    • All our lodges have the NHS Track and Trace QR Code in place for you to use.

Cleaning Practices​

Changeover Cleaning & Sanitisation of Lodges

As standard we spend over 2 hours per lodge cleaning prior to each set of guests which includes, but is not limited to:

  • All furnishings (all our sofas and chairs are leather or a wipeable material).

  • All fridges and kitchen surfaces are wiped down.

  • All cutlery, cooking and kitchen items are cleaned between guests.

  • All door handles, light switches and high touch points are cleaned and sanitised.

  • All remote controls are sanitised.

  • All curtains and cushions will be steamed between changeover of guests.

  • Steam all floors (all our floors are tiled).

  • Floor rugs will be streamed.

  • Anti-bacterial soap is provided in bathrooms for guests use as well as anti-bacterial cleaner in the kitchens.


  • All laundry will be removed from the lodge using PPE and placed in sealed bags until they are cleaned.

  • Laundry is washed with a dose of Dettol Laundry Cleaner in addition to Persil Non-Bio.

  • A new set of PPE will be worn when beds are made up.

Alterations to Lodges

Books, Games, etc

  • During this epidemic we have removed all reading books and games from our lodges as they cannot be effectively cleaned.  The Welcome Books are available within the lodge as these can easily be wiped. We would advise that you bring your own entertainment items with you.

Cooking Equipment

  • We normally have an extensive range of cookware items for our guests to use, however during these times there will be a reduced selection of kitchen cookware available to ensure that we can wash and sanitise everything during changeover.  If you need a specific item let us know and we will be happy to supply for you (adequate supplies, just reduced range).

Hot Tubs

  • On arrival we will show you how to safely use and operate the hot tubs.  We will maintain a 2 metre distance so that we keep both our guests and ourselves safe.

  • We will use the provided hand sanitiser before we touch the hot tub and ask that our guests do the same.

  • Each hot tub is emptied, sanitised, refilled and treated during each changeover.

  • We manage our hot tubs and pool with chlorinated water – a solution in which Coronavirus cannot survive.

Swimming Pool /Pool Seating

  • Our swimming pool will be open to guests on site with the following restrictions above and beyond our standard guidelines:

    • The pools must not be used until after 9.30am to allow for essential maintenance.

    • Only one lodge may use the pool at a time

    • Guests must sanitise their hands before they use the pool ladder

    • Guests from Studio and Woodside will be asked to respect the Poolside Lodge residents by staying at their designated seating areas around the pool and to maintain the safe distance as outlined by the Government guidelines.

Games Room

  • Our Games room will remain closed from 12 April 2021 until at least 21 June 2021 in line with Government COVID19 Guidance


  • The BBQ will be open to all on the proviso that:

    • Guests clean the BBQ after use.

    • Guests use the BBQ utensils from their lodge – these should be returned to their lodge and not left on the BBQ and must be cleaned.

Limiting Virus Transmission

  • We have installed hand sanitiser units in each of the outdoor spaces of our lodges close to the hot tubs/seating areas and an additional unit on the games room.

    • We ask our guests to regularly use the hand sanitiser when using the outdoor space.

    • PPE will be worn to ensure good practices and to limit the transmission of COVID19

    • No guests will be allowed to stay onsite if they have any symptoms or have been confirmed as having COVID19.

    • If guests start to feel unwell whilst they are staying with us and are showing symptoms, they must inform us as soon as possible so we can act accordingly.

      • We ask guests to be mindful that they should not come on holiday if they have symptoms as quarantining a lodge will impact on us as a business (and family) and the holidays of others after them (e.g. we will have to cancel their stay).


If you cannot make your holiday because you have COVID19 or because your area has been placed under restrictions, we will refund in full or reschedule your dates (in line with your preference).  The same applies if we have to close due to restrictions, we will liaise with you at the earliest opportunity.  We are a small family run business and pride ourselves in ensuring our guests have a great experience throughout their dealings with us.  This overrides our normal T&Cs in these specific circumstances.


Providing good quality, clean accommodation, and facilities so you can enjoy your holiday

COVID19/Coronavirus Update


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