Welcome to a New Year and New Adventures.

So, New Year and new way forward.

What do we have to celebrate?  The fact that we have been running Poolside Lodges for over 5 years now? How we love meeting our guests - new and returning?  Or that in only a couple of months’ time the trees and plants will be budding with life.  Well, all of them.  I am very grateful to have this life in Norfolk.  I have lived in Kent, Cambridgeshire and Essex and only is it Norfolk that I call home.

We are still learning so much about Norfolk.... discovering the hidden treasures that aren't always covered in the big magazines; like the alpaca farm that's a 10-minute drive away nestled into the broads down a quiet country lane, where you can experience walking an alpaca and taking in the wildlife and beauty of the broads.  You know, enjoying the family "moments" that you'll treasure for many years.

I hope to find the time to carry on finding these little treasures in the coming year and will help you as our guests, readers and friends discover what is on our doorstep.

Alpaca Experience:  https://burntfen.co.uk/walking/  


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